Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Class Valentines and Teacher Treats

Belle finished up her Valentines over the weekend. She took heart cutouts and inserted a pencil through a hole punch. We were both smitten with the results given how simple they were.

I love handwritten Valentines.

On holidays, I like to send special treats to school with the the kiddies. Their teachers work so hard and it is just a small way to let them know their efforts aren't taken for granted.  I remember seeing either a blog post or pinterest pin with the message: "Shooting for brownie points" attached to a brownie box. Pulling my inspiration from there, I designed these tags on

Then I set to work in the kitchen baking up  a double batch of brownies.

I let the brownies sit for several hours before cutting. This ensured nice crisp edges when I finally sliced into them. I placed two brownie squares inside a cupcake wrapper (doubled for thickness).

I then stacked two brownie sets inside cello wrap and tied with tulle.

The tags I made were attached by hole punching the corner and running through the ribbon.

And to further complete the look, when Peanut heads out to his Valentine's Day party today he will be toting both Mrs. S' & Mrs. H's  goodies in this festive heart bag.

Mrs. E's goodies are waiting to be delivered tomorrow when Belle celebrates with her class.

I also wanted to make a special package for our saint of a bus driver. Belle's official bus stop is 7 doors down. In our district, changing a bus stop requires an act of Congress. Mr. Willy took it upon himself to change her stop to our driveway so I wouldn't have to lug Bear & Peanut down to the stop. Thanks to Mr. Willy, the boys don't have to be woken up from their afternoon naps in a rush to make it down the street before the bus arrives. 

OK enough about my daily routine, back to the valentines.  I opted to skip the cello wrap and package these brownies in a mason jar for better protection on the bus. The top is covered in tissue paper & I adhered heart ribbon to the lid.

The big day is almost here. I'll be back later with the last minute dessert I promised. Hope your Wednesday is off to a great start!


  1. Oh I LOVE the brownies in the mason jar! What a great idea! I love all things "jar"

    1. So do I Jenna. I only wish I had enough jars on hand to package them all that way. Next year:)

  2. I just love that you used mason jar for the brownies. There is just some about mason jars that make me smile:)


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