Thursday, February 7, 2013

Open House

Last week was Open House at Belle's school. We opted to forgo swimming lessons and spent the evening canvasing the halls of H elementary school.

First stop was Mrs. E's 1st grade class room. Some of the highlights included: a look at Belle's desk (which was actually organized I'm happy to report), viewing the class' art masterpieces, reading a few of Belle's favorite books and playing with the smartboard.

Mrs. E set up a cute station where the students write letters to one another highlighting each other's greatness. Here is Belle's bucket…Hubby added a note, as did Peanut.

Belle taught Peanut how to play a couple of her favorite word and number games. 

We spent nearly an hour in Belle's classroom, but eventually we made our way to the gym, LRC (library), music room and finally art room. One of the 5th graders had made a paper mache angry bird, Peanut was in heaven.

We thoroughly enjoyed getting a glimpse of Belle's 1st grade goings & doings. I can hardly believe in a few short months school will be over & I'll have a second grader! Where has the time gone?

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