Monday, December 3, 2012

Bathroom Routine Cards

Contrary to what my kids may believe, I hate to nag. And even more so I hate to be unorganized. Now it doesn't mean I'm great at either, but rather I aspire to nag less and organize more. So with that said, let me introduce the B family's bathroom routine cards. 

Each day has its own card and a column for AM & PM. Underneath the column lists the task to be completed & which part(s) of the body receive said treatment.

I laminated each card, hole punched the corner & tied a ribbon to keep the cards together.

I'm happy to report that the cards have helped significantly. There is no arguing about what hygiene task is to be performed. I do a better job of staying on top of weekly tasks like nail & cuticle trimming. And Belle is getting ready for school in the morning by herself using the card's list as a guide.
Not too bad for a 5 minute project. Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Wonderful idea! I'm definitely going to have to do this also, I know it would help us out a ton!


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