Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY by Default in 2013


I am not one who enjoys DIY projects. They sound romantic, but unlike a classic love story the deeper you get the more disastrous DIY becomes. Things look easier, simpler, and quicker than they really are. Hours roll into days and then weeks (or months in some cases). And there is this strange DIY phenomenon, the chaos of a project in one room spreads to the rest of the house… the mess permutes until it has touch every room in the home. It is an ugly truth.

So then why DIY you ask? For starters, Hubby & I have 3 beautiful blessings who manage to occupy not only every waking hour, but also every spare cent. Between ballet, swimming, piano, gymnastics, greek lessons, and montessori pre-k the home decor budget is empty.  Couple that bare bones budget with an innate desire to recreate and re-purpose our family home & you've got the makings of a DIY Diva (minus quite a bit of know how or talent--yikes). So roll up your sleeves ladies & gentlemen it is going to be a messy 2013. Get ready for loads of paint, my first attempt at sewing since middle school, some heavy duty re-purposing and even some furniture building. I'll be back tomorrow with a run down of our 2013 project goals. (See goals here.)

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