Monday, January 7, 2013

The Dining Room: A Quick Switch

Just like the family room mantel, the dining room received a quick switch-a-roo post-Christmas decor.

These chairs use to reside in the living room (and the family room before that). I moved them into the dining room for New Year's day lunch. When I was cleaning up,  the idea struck me to test them as host & hostess chairs. I am smitten with the new look. They match the china cabinet and do a great job of pulling your eye across the room.

Plus, the chocolate color of the stain also matches the living room couch. And since the rooms flow into one another, it helps make a cohesive look. The dining room is far from complete, needing drapery, buffet tables & a rug to name a few items, but the refreshed look is a nice start.

 Not sure if this is their permanent home, they are gypsies these chairs, but for now they're happily staying put. Happy Monday everyone!

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