Friday, January 18, 2013

Everything's Coming Up Orchids

Hubby presented me with this beautiful orchid last week and the bottom left bud just bloomed!
I'm giddy over this as I have tried numerous times to keep orchids. And unlike all the others before her, this little beauty appears to be thriving and blooming. How I do adore spying this dreamy splash of fuchsia as I come down the stairs each morning. Fingers crossed that the 11 additional buds follow suit and bloom.


  1. Orchids make me so nervous but they are on sale at Wegmans. Maybe I should get one?

    1. Give it a shot! Nearly all my buds are open now…I'm in complete amazement. I think half the battle is proper placement. I've never put one in the office before, but it seems to be a perfect spot. (With that said, the poor thing will shrivel up over night--lol)


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