Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Star of the Week

Last week Belle had the honor of being "Star of the Week". To a first grader, this is the end all be all. So I took the extra minute (ok many, many minutes) to sprinkle her lunch with stars all week long. I only needed to prepare 4 lunches instead of 5 due to the holiday break on Monday.

Day1: A large star badge graced the top of her lunch.

Day 2: Star cut outs on the top of her PBJ sandwich. 

Day 3: Today we took it up a notch with star shaped strawberries & a star burst sandwich (or flower depending upon your interpretation).

Day 4: The grand finale featured mini star sandwiches, star shaped apples & peppermint dipped star pretzels (I stumbled upon these at the grocery store…Christmas clearance).

I hope when Belle opened her lunch & saw these little tokens of love, she knew that we were just as excited for "Star of the Week" as she was. 


  1. Star of the week Mom if you ask me! Awesome!!!

    1. Why Thank You so much…maybe I'll pull this post out when she is a teenager and declaring I never do anything for her.


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