Sunday, January 13, 2013

So Goes Another Weekend...

 This weekend passed too quickly. We dined on Hubby's homemade pizza for family night Friday and the kiddos had a sleepover. It is important to note that they both slept in Belle's trundle bed.

My weekend looked a lot like this as Hubby & I joined a gym…I'm excited about getting back into a workout routine. We also enjoyed a relaxing date night out dining on gourmet burgers, parmesan and truffle oil fries, and artisan beer (perhaps this explains the need for the gym membership).

After church on Sunday it was another round at the gym before heading to YiaYia and Bopi's for dinner & the final Vasilopita cutting of the year.

And look at the cutie pie that won the coin. This is him devouring his bread, then an entire second piece, and finally half of mine. The kid can put it down.

Belle's lunch is packed. And I'm off to bed as my 6am gym time is going to come all too early. 

Oh, and I am giddy with excitement to have the House Tour up and running.  I have also worked to correct the commenting issues that some of you said you were having. So now you can ogle and comment away!!


  1. I enjoy looking at your pictures of your house decor.

    1. Thanks for taking a moment to comment.


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