Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Easy Peasy Pancake Mix Donuts

Since we weren't in a rush to get out the door Monday morning, it was the perfect time for an early morning treat. The kiddos presented Hubby with this mini donut maker for his birthday last summer (thoughtful or self-serving…I'll let you decide). 

As I was compiling the ingredients needed to make one of our favorite donut batters, I got the idea to use pancake mix instead. And to my surprise the results were quite tasty. (Note: The donut texture is more cake than a yeast donut.)

After we indulged in two apiece, we promptly packaged the remaining goodies. The tray on the left went to Theo N, still recovering from appendicitis, while the tray on the right we sent next door.  Our 3rd grade neighbor B is nursing a broken nose he got playing football during recess.

Gifting mini donuts was a nice change of pace and they looked scrumptious wrapped in cello and tied with a bow. Seriously folks, using the pancake mix made whipping these together a cinch. They would be a lovely way to surprise your sweetie on Valentine's Day too.


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    1. Yeah they were a little too yummy & easy so I was glad to have them out of the house:)


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