Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Random Mind

Over the past few weeks I've found myself taking note of a few unrelated, yet noteworthy observations:

I am completely convinced that men are born with a gene that causes them to stare at a live television  no matter what the station. Evidence, Peanut at Costco. We were grabbing a highly nutritious, all organic (insert sarcasm) lunch last week and despite multiple attempt to engage him in conversation, he passed the time like this: staring at the flat screen across the aisle airing a looped Costco commercial. Seriously! I apologize now to his future wife.

The TV show Gator Boys. Where do they find these people!?! Who in there right mind would jump into murky water to catch an alligator? My family has become enthralled with the show and has yet to miss an episode. If you haven't checked it out, it is on Animal Planet, Sunday's at 9 pm eastern time. This week's episode they catch a 15 foot gator…no lie! 

Lord only knows why I felt the need to do flip over the faucet one day, but I did & this is what I found.
After 20 minutes of soaking, scrubbing & de-grimming it with a toothpick I can now say it is sanitary once again. Seriously folks, someone should do a PSA on this.

And while we are on the PSA, be sure to check your dryer lint trap. The kiddies have been draped in fleece everything now that we are in the middle of winter and that means lint galore. It only takes a minute, and be sure to remove lint from both your vent trap and the hose as well. 

And I leave you with this last thought. I ran across a study that reported the average stay at home mom completes 2.5 hours of house work a day. I would like to know where said woman lives & if she would trade with me. I think I clock in 2.5 hours in the kitchen alone on a daily basis. Not to mention laundry, mopping/sweeping, vacuuming and the non-stop "tidying". Perhaps it was a typo that meant to say, "The average stay at home mom only has 2.5 hours away from housework a day…at which time she sleeps."

Happy Thursday everyone…one day closer to the weekend.


  1. Hahaha ....u made me laugh. I agree with all of the above;)

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one in this boat!


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