Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Banner Crafting for Dummies

I'm not a crafter. Never have been, never will be. I don't have all the nifty die cut & software programs. I would much rather buy a new pair of Tory Burch shoes than a Silhoutte Cameo. But I am a serial decorator. 

And when I do attempt to make a banner or sign I don't want it to look like a hot mess. So here is the method I follow. No fancy machines/ fonts/ supplies or God given crafting ability needed. With a few things you most likely have laying around the house you're well on your way.

First you need card stock. Not printer paper…it is too flimsy. I choose this neutral package set from Hobby Lobby ($5 on sale) and use it for just about everything. Yes it would look cuter color coordinated with multiple papers but:
  1. That would require another trip to the store
  2. I couldn't reuse the banner since it would most likely be too customized
  3. Assembly would be more labor intensive = more room for error
As a novice crafter, simple is your friend.

Cut your sheet of card stock into 4 equal sections.

Next, write or print out your words/letters. 

Trace with a sharpie pen or marker if need be.

"W" is sharpie marker while "ay" is the sharpie pen.

To beef up your banner, it is nice to layer your card stock on a background.
The more layers you add the more professional it will look.
To do the job I use good old Scotch Tape!

Nice thing about tape is you can reposition your paper for
optimal placement. Like I said earlier, I am not a crafter so I need
as many "re-dos" as I can get.
Double sided tape is ideal, but we buy scotch tape
by the truck load (favorite pastime of the B kiddos).

Original card stock taped to background card stock.

 OK see the gap below, you are going to want to make sure 
you don't have any of those, because they will be 
brazenly obvious when your banner is hanging.

Repeat the process above for all your letters/ words.
Then measure & mark where your 2 ribbon holes will go.
My cards were 6" wide and I made each of my holes 1" from the end. 

Punch marks with a standard hole punch. Repeat for each card.

Lace ribbon through the holes.

I used a zebra print ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby for $0.50.
Be sure to lace the cards from behind, so the print on your ribbon is visible.

Hang and slide cards to achieve the spacing you wish.

As a final touch you can add embellishments if desired. 

Pat yourself on the back, you've just created a craft. 

To see the celebration breakfast this banner was used for click here

The Name Day banner can be seen in this post

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