Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cookie Party 2012 Edition

This year's cookie party theme was The North Pole. I was able to execute about 85% of my original plan until the following occurred simultaneously: I came down with a killer sinus infection, Bear got his 1st ear infection, Belle developed a sinus infection, Peanut's allergies became bronchitis, and Hubby ended up with all of the above. But by the time the party rolled around we were powering through our antibiotics and were ready to go.

I quickly snapped this picture before all the food was in place.

The Dining Room was home to the North Pole buffet & bar. Candy cane stripe wrapping paper made a great backdrop & tablecloth. I tried my best to keep the food bite size since both our main dining spaces were being utilized for the party. Along with crudités and cheeses, we enjoyed meatballs, a spiral ham & mini sandwich bread, tiropitas (cheese puff pastries), crescent wrapped mini sausages & an assortment of pretzels/chips/nuts.

Red tulle is gathered over a white tablecloth on the bar.
While the china cabinet is dressed with large silver snowflakes.

The table centerpiece was a candy cane themed, tiered tray holding North Pole Cupcakes.

The bar was my favorite vignette. It featured coffee, cocoa, eggnog, punch & a host of "Big Elf" beverages.

I wrapped the framed picture and attached a quick printout to let guests know  to help themselves.

I loved the whimsical woodland feel these evergreens added to the decor. 

An assortment of cocoa or coffee toppings.

The North Pole font worked perfectly to round out the theme.

Mini candy canes make tasty swizle sticks and look festive on the rim of a glass. 

The kitchen table was where the cookie decorating occurred.

Snowflakes cascade from the island chandelier and a themed banner hangs over the dining space.

Candy cane stripe wrapping paper made the perfect tablecloth for cookie decorating…
covering your table makes clean up a snap.

Once our guests arrived, cookie decorating was underway. This was our first year using squeeze bottles for the icing and it worked fabulously!!! I found them at Gordon's Food Service and for $6.00 a 6 pack.

People rotated between grabbing a bite to eat, visiting with one another & cookie decorating. Having the buffet in the dining room rather than kitchen made for a very workable flow.

Bear decorating his first Christmas cookie

Once all the cookies were decorated (can you believe I forgot to snap a picture of them) the adults played a lively game of Taboo while the kiddos burned off their sugar rush in the basement.

A heartfelt thank you to all our friends and family who helped us put the party together & most of all came to celebrate with us. Hugs to you all!!!

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