Friday, December 28, 2012


We have snow. Big, beautiful flakes that make you feel like your trapped inside a snow globe. After some gentle coaxing the kids put down their new iPads and rushed outside to explore and play in the snow. Not sure how much we will get, or how long it will last but we sure are enjoying it. My mom is coming over later to help me tackle the basement playroom & my cleaning lady comes at one so while Bear naps, I'm off to clean for the the cleaning lady. My house looks like the north pole and a clothing factory collided.  Happy Friday!

This door was installed by the 2 Dads & Hubby over the summer. It leads out to the deck from the kitchen & makes multiple outdoor snow trips a breeze. Last year, we had to trace over the white family room carpet to get to the backyard…this door truly brings me so much joy! 
Thanks again Hubby & Dads!!

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