Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Positive Reinforcement: Surprise Wise Owl Breakfast

Belle has been struggling with remembering to double check her math work before turning it in to the teacher. On Sunday night I was sorting the papers in her folder and noticed that her math homework was error free…finally she is checking her work! So to celebrate this little milestone, and because positive reinforcement is the best way to achieve good behavior/habits, I decided to throw her a surprise breakfast celebration.

In the B house, on special occasions where you've shown extra smarts you get to eat from the wise owl bowl. (OK it is a dip bowl that came with a platter I got for my birthday last year, but none the less the wise old owl rocks with the kiddos.)

So out came the bowl and to it I added a green plate with white polka dots, a green lattice place mat, white cup & green & yellow spoon.

Then I hung a banner, which proclaimed Way To Go.  I had planned to make the banner on my computer & include owl photos, but my printer wasn't working. So it was Sharpie to the rescue. I'll be posting my  "non-crafter's tutorial" tomorrow for the banner.

Finally, I framed her homework & placed it front and center so Belle would know exactly what we were celebrating.

Belle was so surprised & it made me so happy to start her week off with a mega dose of love & self esteem boost. I think we all could use a Wise Owl breakfast on a Monday morning.

Hope this quote inspires you today & always.


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  1. I LOVE this idea, I am always looking for more ways to help recognize my kids and to help build them up. You are a great mom!


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