Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Countdown

We are one week away from the big day and Christmas prep has kicked into high gear.

The daily countdown has begun. (The gingerbread house was a Hubby, Belle & Peanut creation from the weekend)

Santa's magic brought snow to the kitchen.

Such a festive touch…makes me smile

And a countdown lunch too (Peanut's will have the same at home).

Number cookie cutter + top piece of bread = countdown sandwich

Love how the strawberry jam makes it Christmas colored

Festively wrapped brownie adds to the party.

This photo is to show the "healthy" items in Belle's lunch: milk, apple & carrots. Anyone who know me, knows I'm a stickler (to put is mildly) for good food. The brownie is a special Holiday treat.

I am starting to get excited…the kids are very into Christmas this year and I can't wait to celebrate the day with them & Hubby. Not to mention this is the first year we will celebrate as a family of 5.
So very blessed we are.  Merry Christmas everyone! 

Oh and just for fun. Here is a quick glimpse of the cookie party decorating that is underway.
"Elf-i-fying" the house is really getting me into the Christmas spirit, which was much needed.
And a huge hug to my sweet Mom who has been traveling all over town to fill the ever-growing list of party must haves!

North pole tiered cupcake stand.

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