Saturday, December 1, 2012

2012 Ornaments

Every year we buy a Christopher Radko ornament for each child as a way to commemorate the year and add to their collection. Growing up my parents bought me an ornament every Christmas and when Hubby & I got married we had enough to fill a tree. I love the idea of investing in something a child will have & use for a lifetime, rather than a toy he/she will use short term.

This year the kiddos were gifted their ornaments on December 1st as a way to kick off the Christmas season (along with our Advent house which you can read more about here).

The kids awoke to their ornament presented in front of the
Advent house, waiting to be hung. 

For Belle the animal lover.

Each of the kids has a rocking horse to commemorate his/her 1st Christmas.
This is Bear's.

Peanut's ornament is a lighthouse, a nod to a fall trip we took. 

I look forward to the day each child has
his/her own tree full of these beauties!

Although they aren't thrilling gifts to open now, I hope the kids will thank Hubby & I when they get older. Do you do commemorative gifts with the special kiddos in your life? 

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