Friday, March 8, 2013

A Mother's Love

I just tucked in my birthday boy. I snuggled up to him and listened to the sound of his thumb sucking lull him to sleep. I studied his beautiful, brown hair and long eye lashes that curl perfectly out from his closed eye lids. I wanted to soak up every moment there with him, sleeping just as he was four years ago in our hospital room.

I never could have imagined the immense amount of love I would feel for this little boy. How the sound of his voice or the batting of his eyes would melt my heart. How integral a role he would play in our family. And just how much of life I was missing out on until I had him. So happy birthday my dearest boy…may your every wish come true!

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  1. That feeling will never change, no matter how old he gets. My son is, GASP, 44 and I still feel that same overpowering love. XO, Pinky


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