Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day

I was a little saddened that winter was winding down and we hadn't had a single snow day, but thankfully trusty old March came roaring in. I was happy to be awoken yesterday by a text from the school district announcing that school would be closed: Snow Day!

Since there was no bus to catch, we slept in and eventually moseyed our way downstairs around 8:15. We then spent the day baking, building, playing and lounging.

We kicked off the day with blueberry muffins for breakfast (we still have frozen berries we picked over the summer). Once everyone's bellies were full we built a fort, concocted confectionaries out of play-doh, and watched more episodes of Phineas and Ferb than should be legally allowed on one DVD.

After lunch and while Bear napped, we headed outside and discover that our driveway doubles as a pretty decent sled run.

Back in doors, we past the rest of the afternoon playing in the bouncy house before dining on steaming hot bowls of chili. We wrapped up the evening with ice cream sundaes and marshmallow 'n toothpick building. (Have you ever done that? My kiddos love it. I've finally trained Peanut not to eat his entire bowl of marshmallows. And, yes Peanut did declare the day "jammie day" and refused to change…. 2 points to those of you observant enough to notice.)

The house looks like a tornado hit it and I think I "cleaned" the kitchen a dozen times. But at least I had the pleasure of looking out over this beauty while I scrubbed away.

Oh if only snow days could last…back to the schedule today. I've got a lil man who is turning 4 in two days and an awful lot to prepare!


  1. The kiddos and Hubby had a snow-day today too. It was such a nice day all being home even if the house looks like a bomb went off;)

    1. I agree…a nice change of pace. I only wish Hubby was home with us, unfortunately he was on a business trip. Needless to say, kiddos had an early bedtime!


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