Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Circle of Life

Today we will lay to rest my Grandmother. She was a wonderful, loving, present and attentive Grandma and I am blessed with many warm memories. My brother & I spent countless sleepovers at her house. We would play marathon games of Chinese checkers with her and my Grandpa, while Wheel of Fortune and Murder She Wrote was on the family room TV.

Grandma was nearly 93 years old and left behind 11 children, 35 grandchildren; 73 great-grandchildren; and 11 great-great grandchildren. Now it doesn't get much more Irish- Catholic than that! And I think it goes without saying that her family was her life. 

After Peanut's birthday party on Saturday, Hubby & I made the trip out of state to say our goodbyes and spend a few hours with GrandmaI am so very grateful to have made it there in time. 

May Her Memory Be Eternal. Love you G-ma!

ETA: For some reason when I publish a post from my phone it doesn't appear on the proper date. This post was for Wednesday, March 13, 2013.


  1. I am so very sorry for your loss! Thoughts and prayers for your grandmother, you and your whole family.

  2. Love the picture and the tribute. Every woman who is a Mom or Grandmother hopes to be as fortunate--to be surrounded by family.


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