Monday, March 25, 2013


In the past month's craziness, I've not had a chance to touch on all our goings and doings.
A few week's back it was Godparent-Godchild Sunday at church. Theo N is Peanut's Godfather.

After church, we all stayed and enjoyed brunch in the church hall.

I made Ellie Krieger's Jamacan Jerk Chicken for dinner a few weeks ago. It was refreshingly different than our regular dinner fare and the whole family voted it a repeat meal.

The day after Peanut's birthday Belle had her school musical. She did a fantastic job as she preformed front and center singing and dancing the entire 45minutes of the program. The preforming arts seem to be something she has a knack for….it will be interesting to see what develops.

And speaking of developing…this little man turned one and suddenly became a full blown toddler. He happily passes his time sorting items, playing with cars and "talking" up a storm. Crayons are his favorite addiction at the moment.

I snapped this picture before Belle and Hubby went to church (I was home with a sick Peanut). When did my 7 year old become 17!?! I guess I should be so lucky if that is the outfit she comes downstairs wearing at 17, pretty sure that skirt isn't going to be grazing the top of her knees.

And tooth #3 came out a few weeks ago. Thankfully it was a bottom incisor, but both her center top teeth are loose…I'm am dreading the day those are gone and her baby smile is gone for ever. Fingers crossed they stay put until after our family photo shoot in May.

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