Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mirror Mirror on the Wall..A New Chalkboard for All

So I finally jumped on the chalkboard bandwagon a few weeks ago and repurposed a mirror, that I was no longer loving, into a chalk-tastic piece. I was extra inspired and even gave the frame a little faux-chalk paint treatment. So here's how it went down. 

I lugged this bad boy to the basement from Hubby's office where it sat in semi-storage.

Then I attempted to scratch up the mirror in efforts to provide the paint something to grip onto.

 I gave it a little windex wash down to remove any debris.

And a polish with a microfiber cloth in attempts to pick up stray lint or dust prior to painting.

I picked up a bottle of chalkboard paint at Michaels for 40% off so I think it rang up less than $4.00

The mirror after the first light coat.

Then the second coat. Wish I could remember how long I waited between coats, but it wasn't too long…5 minutes max.

 At this point, I was a little concerned. The paint was looking blotchy and spotty.

 By the third coat though, nothin but bhutta…..nice and smooth.

I let the paint cure for 48 hours in the basement before bringing it upstairs.

 I knew that I wanted to give the frame an accent color. I had planned on using chalk paint since everyone raves about it, but: 1- I was too cheap to spend $30 on paint when I only needed a quarter sized amount. 2- I was too lazy to drive across town to the antique store where it is sold. So since I was in Michaels already, I picked up 2 bottles of 89 cent acrylic craft paint. 

I decided upon the grey paint on the left hand side. I placed a bit on a dry paint brush and dabbed it onto the metal in an up and down motion…similar to how you apply paint to a stencil. Some areas are heavier and others quite light, but I like the patina appearance.

Once dry & the chalkboard primed, I hung it in the kitchen on the narrow wall between the mudroom door and the family room. It is as if the piece was made for that exact spot. I was sure to hang it low enough so the kids could reach if they feel the need to doodle away.

The black ties in nicely with the ORB finish of the light fixtures and helps anchor this end of the kitchen. (And yes that is a baby on the kitchen floor.)

So I am officially a member of the chalkboard fan club…how about you? Do you succumb to decorating trends or try to steer clear of them? Do you have a chalkboard or two around your house? I have a well over half a can of chalkboard paint leftover so I'm on the prowl for my next victim makeover. So I'll more than likely be back with another project or two. I'm thinking chalkboard plate chargers or perhaps something for my little ones' rooms.

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  1. Who knew that you could spray-paint a mirror!?! Good for you!


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