Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Birthday Journals

Growing up, YiaYia and Bopi wrote a letter to me each birthday in a journal. Upon graduating high school, I was presented with the keepsake filled with beautiful letters my parents had written to me throughout the years. To this day, that red velvet journal with the gold kitten silhouette is one of my most prize possessions.

So naturally, this is a tradition I have carried on with my own little ones. In each entry I like to take the time to tell them a bit about their likes and dislikes at this age. I recount their birthday parties, guests, favorite gifts and games we played. Most importantly, the journal is my chance to tell them each in a private and personal way just how much I truly adore being their Mommy. And how every ounce of me loves every ounce of them. And one day, when they are no longer under my roof they will be able to open these pages and feel the love of home. And perhaps, even find a bit of guidance.

Anyone else have a similar story? Did your parents write you birthday letters? Or do you keep a journal for your kids? 

And for those of you with older children it still isn't too late; during my engagement Bopi worked on a journal full of "life lessons" and gave it to me as a wedding present….that little book is worth 1000xs it weight in gold. 


  1. I do write letters to my kids and i'm thankful I did! It's such a great thing to do:)
    I remeber your mom talked about writing a journal for you and it brought tears to my eyes on that day! How nice that you do the same thing to your kids now :)
    take care and see you soon

  2. Each of our grandchildren has a journal where we write them letters. Letter writing is a lost art. There is something wonderful about reading a personal letter written by the hand of someone who loves you.


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